Jeremy Heis

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Sarah Lawsky

"Modeling Uncertainty in Tax Law," 65 Stanford L. Rev. 241 (2013).

Pen Maddy

"A  second philosophy of arithmetic," to appear in the Review of Symbolic Logic.

"A second philosophy of logic," to appear in P. Rush, ed., The Metaphysics of Logic, Oxford University Press.

"Five questions," to appear in T. Lupher and T. Adajian, eds., Philosophy of Logic:  Five Questions, Automatic Press/VIP.

The Logical Must: Wittgenstein on Logic, New York, NY: Oxford University Press 2014

Lisa Pearl

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 Kai Wehmeier

“Still living without identity: Reply to Trueman,” forthcoming in the Australasian Journal of Philosophy 92/1, 2014.

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Martin Zeman

"Ideal projections and forcing projections" (with Sean Cox), accepted for publication in Journal of symbolic Logic.

"Consistency strength of $\neg\square_{\aleph_\omega}$ and reflection at two successive $\aleph_n$", accepted for publication in Notre Dame Jornal of Formal Logic.

"Square principles in P_max extensions" (with Andres Caicedo, Paul Larson, Grigor Sargsyan, Ralf Schindler, and John Steel), submitted to Israel Journal of Mathematics.

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"A characterization of $\square(\kappa^+)$ in extender models" (with Kyriakos Kypriotakis), Archive for Mathematical Logic 52(1-2) (2013), 67-90.



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